Setting up Email account

How to enter your account information?
1. Click on Accounts in the top menu line of the e-mail module.
2. New users must first click New and set up an account before they can start sending and receiving e-mail.
3. Select the type of email account you want to set up – POP or IMAP. POP is the most common type of e-mail account, while IMAP is a more advanced type of e-mail account. Then fill out the remaining information under the General tab and go to the tab Servers.
If your company is using MS Exchange, check with your administrator for server and log-in details.
4. Under Servers tab, enter or change the incoming and outgoing server.
Note: The “Use default” setting for the outgoing server is not available so as to avoid 24SevenOffice servers being used for sending spam.

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Server name, username and password.
In many cases this is the same for the incoming and outgoing server.
If you do not know your server name, user name and password, you should contact your email provider to obtain this.

Once this is done you can click Save and start using the e-mail module!

Setting up IMAP.
If your e-mail provider supports IMAP, you can also set this up in 24SevenOffice.

General tab: enter the specified information and Your E-mail (IMAP) account. Choose the Type and see the IMAP account setup. Fill in the required information.
Tick ​​Standard for the account you want the system to use for e-mail dispatches i.e. your default email account (Orders sent by email and similar).
The tick for linking e-mails to matching accounts within CRM is on by default. (It is recommended that it remains so.)
On the Servers tab, enter your info and e-mail provider’s IMAP server and username and password for your account.

You need to enter the details for an SMTP-server that requires authentication. These are normally the account details as for your incoming mail server.
Here, the folders that are part of your IMAP account after they are synchronized with the server. After the first sync all folders are regular folders.
By right clicking on the folders, you can choose to set different folders to a specific function. For example: right click on the folder Junk and select “Set as Spam Folder”.

Note: There is also a tick option to set accessibility of various folders. The ticks decide which folders to sync when you click on “Download” in the menu bar in the e-mail module. This means that you may only want to tick those folders that are strictly necessary, typically “inbox” and “Sent Items”. This way, new email retrieval is faster.

Some settings should not be changed unless you have special settings that must be set in relation to your IMAP e-mail account provider. For example, Ports and Encryption.
Policies in the mail only works for POP3.