Using email in 24SevenOffice – tips and tricks

Content search by name, e-mail addresses and subject text.
If you wish to search specific folders, click on the folder in the folder structure and then enter your search terms. If you click the arrow to the right of the search field, you can search all items in the Inbox and Sent items (note: this does not include Deleted Items, and Junk File / Trash in your search). By clicking the “double arrow”, you have the opportunity to specify your search by date, sender / recipient and subject text.

Adjustment of the reading panel.
You may adjust the panel by dragging the boundaries to your chosen format. Your adjustments are stored in the browser and will be remembered the next time you log into the system. Note: If you change the browser you are using, you will have to re-do the settings in the new browser.

The link symbol.
The symbol indicates that an e-mail is linked to a specific customer, contact or project. It will automatically appear if you created or received the email within 24SevenOffice after setting up the customer (or contact, or project).

Manual linking of e-mail to or from a customer, contact or project.
Select the e-mail(s) you want to link, and then click the link button in the top menu.
Click New Link at the bottom of the dialog box that appears.

In the next box, select where you want to link the e-mail (customer, contact or project). If needed, search for the name in the search box. Once you have applied the desired company, contact or project and added it to the link, save the link, then click Close.

Drag and drop e-mail.
You can drag and drop e-mails directly to the desired folder.

Viewing an e-mail.
When you view your e-mails, 50 emails will appear on one page at a time. If you have more than 50 items in one folder, you can scroll back and forth between the pages at the foot of the display screen. There is also a refresh button for updating the folder.

– Delete = delete selected e-mail
– Shift + N = new email
– Shift + R = reply
– Shift + A = reply all
– Shift + F = Forward
– Arrow key right = archive

Automatic download of email.
You can find the settings for this in the top menu under the Settings button.

Flagging e-mail.
By right-clicking on an e-mail, you can flag this for attention. You will find all “flagged” e-mails in a menu on the right side.
All “flagged” e-mails that are overdue for completion are highlighted in red and moved to the category today. You can right click on the e-mail list to change the flagging or to open the e-mail. Click Show / Hide Follow-ups in the top menu to show / hide the list of “flagged” e-mails.