Administer (Call lists)

This is a module allowing you to manage and track activities and results of the individual Call lists you have or are working with. One finds the module by pressing CRM>Tele sales>Administer.

When you open this module you will find all the Call lists that have been created in a Drop down list. Here you will see the name of the campaign, the number of prospects that have been processed i.e. called, and how many prospects the Call list contains as well as the date it was created.

If you double-click on the Campaign name, it opens in a new tab. Here you will find a lot more specific information about this particular Call list. This information is gathered from the Statuses chosen in Call list while working with it.

Employees Statistics
Here you will find an overview of the result of the calls made, such as the number of answers, no answer, and wrong number, accepted and not interested. “Total” shows the number of processed leads/customers while” calls dialled” shows the number of calls made to the various leads/customers.

Telephone Statistics
You can break down the information from staff statistics and an overview of all calls that are set to each status. This is done by selecting a status in the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page and press “Search”. You will then get a listing of all calls in the state has been selected with information about the lead/customers, which employee who has been making the call, and date and time of the call.