Calling lists

You can find this module under CRM>Telesales>Call and Administrate

This module is needed in order to effectively call a given range of businesses and keep control of the activity conducted and the results achieved by each campaign.

This module is aimed at companies working in telemarketing, booking meetings and similar activities. You create the Call list in the Campaign module.

Functionality in Call
First you load the Calling list you want to use which gives you the pertinent information about the customer, lead or contact in the main screen, while on the left hand side you have a menu of options if the lead/customer answers the phone or not – and the outcome of the conversation.

When the customer does not respond, he can be by using the menu options either be put it back in the call queue, or in case of incorrect telephone numbers or for other reasons be removed from the call list.

If you click “Answer” you have the options of returning the lead/customer back into the call queue chose “Accepted” or mark it as “Not Interested”.

If your call list is generated from the Lead management module, clicking “Accepted” will convert the Lead to a Customer and generate a Sales opportunity to follow up on as in the agreed Sales process.
If on the other hand you have created the call list from the Customer Relationship Management module, you will need to go to the Customer card to create a Sales opportunity.

When you have completed the call and the outcome of the call has been properly recorded, press “Finished”. If you want a new lead/customer to appear, make sure the box :”Make another call” is ticked. Then when you click “Finished”, contact details for the next Lead/Customer will be available for you to make the next call.

If you want to make a note of each call to remind yourself of some of the conversation for the next time you want to call the Lead/Customer in this list, you can use the note field. The notes recorded here will not follow through to the customer card, but will stay with the Call list. If you want to make a note that stays with the Lead/Customer record, you will have to use the Note functionality on the Customer card.

Summary over own activity
At the bottom of the left hand side menu you are given a activity summary showing how many leads/customers are available and how many leads/companies there are in total in the displayed list. In addition, one can also see how many calls one has made on this list and how many “Acceptances”.

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