You find this module under CRM and Campaign.

Campaign is the module that allows you to create campaigns for a selection of companies, leads and contacts. In the left side of the Campaign screen you can chose between creating a new campaign or to view existing campaigns.


New Campaign
You must at least give the campaign a name to save it in the system. When you have saved the campaign, two new tabs at the top of the card “Campaign” called Selection and Dispatch becomes available.


Selection enables you to choose which companies, contacts, or leads that should be included in the campaign, while dispatch lists all e-mails and/or documents we have sent out for this campaign.  Selection can also use to create call lists for use in the call list module. When you press the button Selection, you will then get access to the Report Generator where you can make the selection of Companies, Contacts, and/or Leads – based on desired criteria. You can optionally select to add manually if you do not want to use report generator by pressing the Add button manually. Here you search for the Company, Contact or Lead that you want in the search box at the bottom of the box, and then marking them to the right for the ones you want to select and press Add. In the listing window only the Company or Contact name will appear even though you used several criteria for generating this selection.


Generate call lists
To generate a calling list based on the selection you have already made, click the button “Generate Calling List” You will first be asked if

a) Items in list will not have a specified owner until assigned when calling. (Random) meaning that in the Telesales module who calls the prospect/customer first will be assigned as “Our contact”.

b)   If “Our contact” as assigned in the Company/Contact card is to be carried through to Telesales module.

Go to CustomerRelationshipManagement>Telesales>Administrate to view and edit the call list.

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Under the tab Dispatch you can create e-mail campaigns for the selection by clicking “New”.  In the dialog box that appears, fill in a name for the job, choose if you want to send out to Contacts linked to the Companies in the selection and fill in the date for the mailing and press Save. Double-click on the job you created for the following:

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Fill in the sender, email address and Subject.

Press the Contents menu on the left to edit the contents of the mail to be sent out (you may use HTML code).  (You can, for example, type “Hello # # Name # #” and the recipient’s name will be collected as part of the content.)

Here, the list of recipients that you defined in the selection is shown, it displays only the recipients of the selection by e-mail address. Here you can also remove and add recipients manually.

It Enables the sending of the e-mails when you have completed all the setting.


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