Lead Management

Lead Management
This module is found under CRM>Lead management.

The module is used for potential customers who you have not yet targeted. For example, businesses or consumers you want to contact either through a Campaign or possibly a Calling list. Both Companies and Consumers/End users can be registered as leads. If you have an Excel – list of 1000’s of companies that you want to reach out to, it is recommended to import these as Leads. This way you avoid filling up your Customer database with potential customers (leads) that may not lead to becoming Prospects/Customers.


Difference between lead and customer
Lead is the status before Prospect/Customer. By placing the Lead within Lead management we can track all our approaches and conversations with the Lead. As soon as convert the Lead to Prospect/Customer we can then convert the Lead to Customer and it joins the full blown Customer Relationship Management database where you can then track the complete Sales process.  Customer Relationship Management has more functionality and tighter integration with the rest of the system and is for the long term relationship with a Prospect/Customer. In the Lead management area you have less functionality, but it is for recording the activities during the process of converting a Lead to Prospect. If the Lead is not interested in your services or products at all, you can delete the lead from Lead management, and this way you avoid filling up your Customer relationship Management database with “dead” leads. Searching and recording works the same way in Lead Management as in the CRM module. The only difference is the distinction between corporate and private customers in Lead management is selected with a drop-down in the registration screen. Customers and contacts that are added to the Lead management module will not be searchable when creating a new appointment or task within the calendar.

Conversion to customer
To convert to a customer, press the Convert to Customer button.  All links to the lead: files, contacts, tasks, appointments, notes, history, and e-mail will be maintained and available after the conversion. When you convert the lead to a customer you will be asked if you want to continue with the next available customer number, or you can select the next available customer number in other number ranges. You will also be given an overview of the last registered customers in the different number series. You can also choose to open the customer in the CRM module and continue working with the customer there.

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Sales opportunity
If you create and link a Sales opportunity to a lead, the lead will need to be converted to Customer. This will also make a lot of other functionality available in the CRM module.

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