Sales Opportunities

Sales opportunities are recorded on the Company card to keep track of communication and actions with the customer throughout the sales process. This provides, among other things, the possibility  to measure the number of active sales opportunities per salesperson, expected  closing date, expected sale amount, etc., and to measure lost sales and the reason for losing the sale.


Record a Sales opportunity
1. Locate the Company card in the CRM module.
2. Go to the tab ‘Sales opportunities’.
3. Click on “New Opportunity”

Some of the different fields available
Type:  Define the type of sale i.e. Service, product etc. You define the type in
Administration>Settings>CRM>Sales opportunity>Type
Source: The source for the sales opportunity. For example; DM, Google, referred by existing customer, etc.  Can be defined in Administration Administration>Settings>CRM>Additional Customer info
Step: Steps in the sales process, also called pipeline. The step can be defined Administration>Settings>CRM>Sales opportunities>Step
First meeting
Final phase
Closed (completed)
Status:  Only system-defined statuses are available, and they are:
Closed – won
Closed – Lost
Rejection: If the status closed – lost is used, you can also record the reason why the opportunity was lost. The different reason(s) for Rejection can be defined in Administration>Settings>CRM>Sales opportunity>Rejection


Available additional functions/links
A sales opportunity can be linked to the following items:
Sellers (Sales person)

Explanation for Sellers (Sales persons)
Here you can add sellers that can receive commission based on the amount of the Sales opportunity. The standard is that the employee set as the owner of the Sales opportunity is also listed as receiving the full commission in Reports. Occasionally though, several salespeople share commission from one sale, and to avoid having to create additional sales opportunities in the instances this apply, we have here the possibility to use the sellers listed in the Sales opportunity to calculate the commission per sales person instead of allocating it all to the owner of the opportunity.
You record the sales person(s) in the first tab at the bottom of a Sales opportunity and assign a percentage to each seller. This percentage will be used in reports to calculate the potential commission each of the sales people may receive.
When you create a Sales opportunity it will be created with one seller (the same as owner) assigned  100% commission. If there is a seller on a sales opportunity and you change the owner, the seller will also be changed to the same as the new owner. If there are more sellers, they will not change even if ownership of the Sales opportunity changes.
Some of the calculations that will be done when creating new Sales opportunity:
– Adding a new seller with for example 25% commission, the remaining sellers have an equal share of the remaining 75%.
– If one deletes one seller and there is only one seller left after deletion, the remaining Sales person will get 100%.
– If one deletes one seller and there are several sellers left, the percentage per seller will not be recalculated, but you will get a message that the total percentage is less than 100%, so you can reassign percentages.
– If you change the percentage assigned to one of the sellers, the percentage per seller will not be recalculated, but you will get a message that the total percentage is less than 100%, so you can reassign percentages.


If you create an order from the Sales opportunity, the order will be registered as a result of that opportunity.

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Sales process
Tasks, appointments and notes made in connection with an opportunity should be registered on the sales opportunity so you can keep track of the whole sales process. This can be achieved by opening the opportunity and register your tasks / appointments / notes here. Or it can be achieved from Group calendar or CRM, but then the Sales opportunity is selected manually and linked to the Task/appointment/note etc.
All tasks, appointments and notes linked to the sales opportunity will be shown in the list on the opportunity.

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The CRM module allows you to search for Sales opportunities in the same way that you search for companies and contacts. In the search area, select the icon for opportunities as the search type and enter your keyword(s) and press the Search icon. When selecting an opportunity, the Company card will be opened with the list of opportunities for this customer displayed.

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To delete one or several opportunities you need to tick them in the list. You can select multiple sales opportunities by holding down the Control (Ctrl) key when you click. Press the “delete” button to delete the selected opportunities.


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