Settings CRM

Settings for CRM/Contact Manager can be found under Administration – Settings – CRM.
Additional information about the Company

You can add information such as origin of contact, products they are interested in, sources for contact such as web etc., and you can also choose whether you prefer the additional information to appear on a separate tab in the Contact card/CRM.

The sources for contact that you use here will also be available to choose as the source for “Sales Opportunities”

Here you create the different categories you wish to use. You can also choose if the category is to be displayed just on the company, just the contact or on both the company and the contact.

You access Categories from – Customer Relationship Management, having chosen a customer and click on “Categories” in the Company Info tab, you can add categories to customers and also view the list of categories that are available. You can press the button “Select Categories” to bring up a list of all categories that can be added by ticking the one(s) you want. A customer can be connected to many categories at the same time. You can also create a new category in this screen by pressing “New Category”.

Here you have the ability to define your employees who are users of 24SevenOffice in different groups. You can group the employees in 2 different groups, either “standard” or “Sales”. Employees belonging to group “sales” will be classified as sales people and appear as such in various sales reports. This also allows you to create a “sales budget” for any of employee belonging to this group.

“Groups” can be defined in a tree structure, making it possible to create different subgroups within the structure. Press either “new group” to create an entirely new group, or right-click an existing group to create a subgroup. You can define “group name” and input a description of the group.
“Group Type” defines whether this is a “sale” or a “standard” group. Under the tab “members” in a selected group, you can search for and add members in that group. You can also define the role of each member.

The left side contains a list of available industries. By pressing “New” you can create a new industry. “Show all” lists all industries that are defined, and “Move customers” makes it possible to move customers from one industry to another. Please be aware that when you move customers from one industry to another, you are moving all customers from this industry to a different one.  To complete this click on the industry you want to move customers from, the chosen industry name should now appear in “Industry Name”. Click on the arrow next to “Select Industry” and you get a list of all the available industries and select the one you want. Then press “Move customers.” After pressing “Move customers” you get a message if you are sure you want the customers to move, press “Yes”, and you get a new message stating that the customers have been moved.

Within the CRM – Customer Relationship Management and Company Info tab of a customer, you can set the industry the company belongs to. The list with all available industries is then displayed and you can choose the one for this company.

Restore customers
Allows you to restore the customers you have previously deleted from the customer database.

You can create different role descriptions, such as General Manager, Finance Manager, Consultant, etc. that you in turn can assign to contacts in the customer database.

Status of a company is entered here such as Active, Bankrupt, Merged, etc. These statuses are used per customer in the customer database.