Settings invoicemodule

Distribution (optional addition to 24SevenOffice)
This option enables you to opt to send electronic invoices, emails and invoices by post with a single click, either by default or per order or Customer (within CRM).
If you choose this option, the Invoice List can display which method of dispatch has been used.
If you wish the service to be set up within your 24SevenOffice client, please contact NationSoft on 01353 661752.

Company Settings
Stores your own necessary company invoice details, including for example, IBAN, Swift, Bank Account, Invoicing address, etc.

Order Settings
• Payment time: Choose the default payment date, based on invoice date, from the drop down options.
• Order Status: Select the default order status for a new order.
• Price calculation: Choose whether the prices in your shopping cart will be shown including or excluding VAT.
• Discount Calculation: Select the discount type.
“None” means it no product or account discounts are used.
“Customer” means that discounts set up on the customer card in CRM will be used (Settings tab).
“Discount Matrix (Category/Customer)” means discounts are calculated based on the matrix set up within customer categories (under Financials – Products – Discount Matrix).
“Discount Matrix or customer” selects the discount matrix based on the customer category if available, or if not, selects the discount matrix from the customer card.
“Product Price Groups” takes into account the product price groups as set up in Financials – Products – Product Price Groups.
• Order reference: Select whether it is the owner of the company or the logged on user that will come up as “our reference”.
• Rounding: Decide whether amounts shall be rounded to the nearest £ 0.1, £ 0.5, £ 1 or no rounding.
• Resting: Choose whether to generate a residual in an order
• Invoice Text: if you have a text that should be included on all invoices, you may input this here.

Invoice fee
• Enable: Check the box if you want to generate an invoice fee.
• Amount: Insert the relevant invoice charge.
• Limit: Invoice fee charged if the amount of the invoice is below whatever limit is set.
• Product: If an invoice fee will be charged against a specific product, the product is selected here.
• Invoice fee text: Default is the invoice text defined in order settings. Alternatively the text for the Product name chosen will be inserted.

Accumulated order
• Use Heading: Choose Yes or No to using the headings in the fields below.
• Header: Choice of Order, List of content or None.
• Header content: Choose to show Order number and/or Order date.
• Add customer reference: Check to add.
• Add delivery address: Check to add.

Accrual settings
• Income account: Select the account
• Intermediary Account: Select the account.