Overview approval
There are four menu choices in Approval, three options for viewing and one option for sending notifications to users from the Invoice/document list view.

The icon that looks like a folder (furthest left icon) lets you chose what Invoices/documents the user wants to view. The options are Mine, Unassigned, Assigned, Archived, Declined, Approved, and All. The default view isMine. Which of these views that is available for the user depends on the logged in users access rights.

Mine: Displays all Invoices/documents that are ready for approval by the logged in user.
Unassigned: Displays all Invoices/Documents that have not been assigned any approvers.
Assigned: Displays all Invoices/documents that have been assigned to approvers.
Archived: Displays all Invoices/documents that have been archived and thus removed from the work flow.
Declined: Displays all Invoices/documents that have been disapproved.
Approved: Displays all Invoices/documents that have been approved.
All: Displays all Invoices/documents in the system.


Tab view
The icon with small squares indicates a Tab view of the image with the stamp number in the upper left corner of each image. You select an Invoice/document by clicking on the image, this then opens the approval screen and loads the image and history.

Colour of the stamp number displays what the status is of the Invoice/document:
Blue: Invoices/documents where you are the next approver.
Orange: No approver(s) has been assigned. Approver(s) can be added to the Invoice/document.
White: Invoice/document is awaiting approval by a person other than you.
Green: Invoice/document is approved and can be viewed in Booking.
Red: Invoice/document has been disapproved (rejected) or deleted.


Table view
The icon with three horizontal lines displays a table view of Invoices/documents being processed. Each line is one Invoice/document, colour coded and at the start of the line. This will be the same colouring as described above. To view the image and approve it, double click on the line.

You can change the view based on your own preferences, i.e. the order of columns, sorting of rows and which columns are visible. Sorting of a column is achieved by clicking on the column heading you wish to sort by. The choice of which of the columns that are visible is achieved by holding the mouse cursor over any column header, click the arrow that appears to the right of the column heading, select Columns and tick the ones you want to appear. You can also choose whether to display the Invoices/documents in groups (Show in groups) or if you want to group by a certain column (Group by this field).

From the table view, it is also possible to send a reminder to the person designated as the approver. This is achieved by first highlighting a line and then clicking on the green envelope. It will then send an email to the Employee’s email address registered in Administration>Employees.


Approval screen
Double click on an the image or a line (Invoice/document) in the view you have chosen and the scanned image with the Approval path opens in the Approval screen.

The top of the Approval screen contains a menu bar with the following choices:

Inbox: Displays the list of Invoices/documents awaiting approval.
Left arrow: Moves to previous Invoices/documents awaiting your approval.
Right arrow: Move to next Invoices/documents awaiting your approval.
Further to the right you can print Invoice/document by clicking on the Printer icon .

The reminder of the Approval screen consists of five sections (boxes):

Image display: To the right in the screen is the display of the scanned Invoice/document with all attached pages if multi-page.
Properties: Displays the information about the Invoice/document as defined in Retrieval.
Transaction list: If the Invoice/document has been posted before it has been submitted for approval, the journal will be displayed here. You can arrange the order of columns and which columns to display in this section.
History: Displays the history of the Invoice/document with date/time stamp, event, person responsible etc. The latest event resides at the top of the list. You can arrange the order of columns and which columns to display in this section.
Approval list: Displays the Approver(s) for this Invoice/document. If you have been granted access to do so, you can edit the Approval list and add further Approver(s). If you are not able to make these changes, and require this functionality; please contact your Administrator.

For guidance on how to edit the Approval list, click here.


Approval/disapproval of Invoices/documents:

You will find the following ‘buttons’ located at the bottom of the Approval screen.

Approve: By clicking here you approve the Invoice/document and sends it to the next person in the approval list. Before you click Approve, you can enter a comment in the comment field, the comment will be visible for the next approver and will form part of the Approval trail.
Decline: Disapproves the Invoice/document and sends it back to the Requester. In order to use this button, you must enter a comment.
Forward: This choice has two options; either Forward or Forward and approve. By using Forward, you Forward the Invoice/document to another colleague for Approval. You achieve this by selecting the person from the list and click Forward. Forward and approve will also forward the Invoice/document to another person, but it will also record that you approve the Invoice/document.
Delete: This button is only available if the Invoice/document is Disapproved. The choices available are: Back to retrieval (for the Requester to review and make changes), Delete which will permanently delete the Invoice/document; or to Archive. In Archive the Invoice/document will be filed with the current Stamp number and which can be used to search for the record and to display it again. I.e. why was it Disapproved, by whom etc.