Intro Product and Stock

You should create all the products you are going to use in 24SevenOffice here. Once created, products will be available when creating orders and invoices and also within Project invoices. It is possible to specify many key aspects including: the price in, price out, discount rates, specifications, sales tax application, to which accounts the item is valid, whether the merchandise is to be displayed on the website (if you have this module) and more. You can update the quantity of products as they come in and go out of stock. You can also use the print function to print out lists of all the products/prices you have.

The stock and warehouse module is 24SevenOffice ‘s inventory management system. It assists the firm to keep the warehouse up to date. Warehouse function is directly related to the product record, where you determine if the product is to be kept in stock and accounted for or not. Stock is also linked to Sales orders / Invoices so that goods being delivered are automatically deducted from your stock holdings, while Stock coming in on Purchase orders is added to your stock / inventory.

You can find the following functions within Stock:
Stock Correction: allows you to adjust stock figures manually.
Stock Difference Report: Exception report shows variations in relation to the inventory/stock figures.
Stock Order: gives you an overview of products that should be purchased and the ability to create Purchase orders directly from here.
Products In Rest: show a detailed overview of outstanding Purchase orders and partially delivered Purchase orders.
Product Count: allows for a physical count of the existing inventory, and lets you update stock with any changes.

Required configuration:
For a Product to be a Stock product, it will need to be created in Product Management and it must be marked for Stock control and Minimum holding and suggested purchase number on the Product card.