Discount Matrix and Product Price Groups

Discount Matrix

You will find this module under Financials – Products – Discount Matrix.

Discount matrix provides access to set a fixed discount of product price groups you have created and which will determine the discount for the different customer categories. It will affect all the products linked to the product price group.

The different fields:
The module displays the Customer Category, Price group and Discount.
• Categories may be defined under Administration – Settings – CRM – Category.  Within CRM, checking the Settings tab, all customers who are members of that category receive the specified discount.
• The different price groups configure the Product Price Groups (See the item Product Price Groups).
• When you wish to set up price groups you must choose the relevant group from the drop down list Product Price Group on the product form (General page).
Creating new orders with such products will then quote the reduced price based on the discount matrix.

Note: The CRM module allows you to set a customer specific discount rate via the Discount Matrix tab.



Product Price Groups
You will find this module under Financial – Products – Product Price Groups.
A product price group is a grouping of products, such as may be used to calculate discount. In 24SevenOffice, there are three ways to calculate discounts: product price groups; the discount matrix for each customer; and the general discount matrix. In addition, discounts may be entered manually at each stage of the order/invoice process.
After the product price groups are created, you can go into each product and link this to the product price group. To see how to do this, see Product Management.


How to create a product price group?
To create a product price group, add the number and the name of the product price group, click “Save.” Remember that products must be linked to the product price groups after the product price groups have been created.


Discount Calculation According to product price group:
Go to Administration – Settings – Financials – Order Settings – Miscellaneous tab. Set “Discount calculation” to “Product Price Group”. Create the desired product price groups and assign products to them. See Product Management for how to do this.

If you wish to calculate discounts for categories of companies, they are assigned in CRM. So, as with product price groups, you must create categories and associate companies within them.
Enter the Discount Matrix under “Financials – Products – Discount Matrix”. Enter discounts for each product price group for each category and then click “save”.