Keyboard shortcuts are essential for the user to operate as quickly as possible. Below is a list of the hot keys and any combinations with CTRL, SHIFT and ALT. It can be difficult to remember all these combinations and you may want to create some rules of thumb.

SHIFT or “shift” can be interpreted as something that changes the direction or size. “SHIFT + ENTER” will then switch to the opposite direction. The same if you hold down SHIFT key and a letter will shift to the contrary, that letter does great. It would be small if CAPS LOCK is active.

CTRL or “control” means doing something technical or taking control. In case “CTRL + ENTER” will then add a new line that is a copy of the previous and focus in either debit or credit.

ALL means that you make any alternative. “ALT + ENTER” will make an alternative tab movement. Instead of skipping one cell to the right will jump to finish the entire relevant document.

Hot Keys Function
Space Allows you to write in a window
Tab / Enter Allows you to go to the next window
Shift+Tab / Shift+Enter Allows you to the the previous window
Home  Opens and closes the picture display of the invoice
End Stop the posting and go to the next invoice
Arrow Pointing Down  Overview of options, start writing a name of the customer or an account
Esc Cancel the registration
PgUp/PgDn Scroll up and down in the window
Ctrl+Enter Copy the line and sum the rest automatically
Alt + Enter Adds a new row
– (minus) supplier name in debet/credit Allows you to put in the account for creditor and the number at the same time
+ (pluss) Customer Name in debet/kredit Allows you to put in the account for customer and the number at the same time
– (minus) Invoice Number Connect the ingoing invoice
+ (pluss) Invoice Number Connect the outgoing invoice
script  1,2,2,1749 Split the cost over several months
+ Opens dialogwindow for script on activ row
Ctrl+P Print
Alt + B Post the invoice