Price List

Price List

You can create custom price lists that are tailored to your company and your customers. There is a price list attached to each product, so you can choose different prices for different items.

You may select a product within product management and the product form appears. Select the tab “Price list” in the form. You can then set the price for that product that you wish in the various price lists. Price 1 and Price 2 are the standard price lists, if you change these, they will also be changed in the product card: under Sale Price and Sale Price2.

To create custom price lists, go to: Administration – Settings – Financials – Products – Price List.

Here you can enter a new price list, change an old, or delete. You can not delete or change, price 1 and price 2, since they are connected to the product form. Later, you can specify which list the different customers have. This is done in CRM under the Settings tab of the customer.

To add a new list, select the name of the list. You can also add a description e.g. £100 discount. You then select the price list which should include VAT. This will then monitor all items you put into this list. You then select the currency. The default value is set to the currency in which your user is set by default. Later, you have to remember to set all subsequent prices in the currency you have selected.

These price lists will only primarily work in 24SevenOffice and not in e-commerce.