Company Settings

You will find Company settings under Administration>Settings>Company Settings.

Company Info
The information that can be entered here is the company standard information such as name, organisation number, address, telephone number, e-mail and bank account number. This information will also appear on the Sales order/Invoice.

Rights manager
As a Super user you can give access and rights to the system for individual employees. You can give rights such as who will have access to modify, add, or just read information in 24SevenOffice.

How to change an employee’s access to the system:
First either search for an employee, or choose “show all employees.”  Then highlight the person’s name and in the Module area you will get an overview of the modules that employees have access to. To change the access, Remove or enter an x in the tick box the module(s). Remember that several modules have more detailed access menus, you access them by pressing the “+” sign to the left of the module name. Ticking for one module, and without pressing the “+”, all the menus within that module are automatically checked. When you have selected all the modules you wish the employee to have access to and menus within the modules, remember to save before choosing a new employee.

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How to search for an employee:
Write the name of the person you are looking for in the box labeled “Search for” and press enter. In the “Choose …” it is possible to choose whether the search should be based on first name, last name or employee number.

New User
Here you can order new user to the client.