Import field names for Company, End users, and Leads

All columns that are to be imported must be formatted as text in the xl sheet, otherwise that column/field may not be imported into 24SevenOffice.


Company, Contacts and Leads:
Import field/Column heading Note
CompanyId Customer number
CompanyIsCorporate Defines if the lead is end user or company. Set to 0 for end user and
1 for Company.
CompanyName Name of company or use for Surname for End user import.
CompanyConsumername First name if importing End user
CompanyGovNo Organisation registration number
CompanyPhone Phone number
CompanyVisitStreet Visiting adress (adress for end users)
CompanyVisitCity Visiting City (city for end users)
CompanyVisitPostcode Visiting postcode ( postcode for end user)
CompanyVisitPostArea Visiting county (county for end users)
CompanyCountry Country
CompanyMobile Mobile number
CompanyFax Fax number
CompanyEmail E-mail
CompanyProfit Profit (Financial)
CompanyTurnover Turnover (Financial)
CompanyNrOfEmp Number of employees
CompanyPostStreet Post address
CompanyPostCity City
CompanyPostPostcode Post code
CompanyPostPostarea County
CompanyWebsite Website url
CompanyNickname Nickname
CompanyNote Note. If importing records containing notes larger than 255 characters, the first note must then contain more than 255 characters, otherwise this field will be limited to 255 characters and other notes will be cut at 255 characters.
CompanySupplier Determines the trading status of the company. 0 = Customer and 1 = Customer and supplier.
CompanyDateRegistrered Date customer is registered Format: day.mth.year(31.01.2012)
CompanyDateChanged Date customer is last edited. Format: day.mth.year(01.01.2012)
CompanyCategory Category for customer (Ensure you spell it the same way as the category you have created in Administration>Settings>CRM>Category otherwise the Import
routine will create a new Category). If you are using several categories for one company, separate them using comma.
CompanyInvoiceStreet Invoice address
CompanyInvoicePostCode Invoice postcode
CompanyInvoicePostArea Invoice county
CompanyInvoiceCity Invoice city
CompanyInvoiceState Invoice state
CompanyDeliveryStreet Delivery address
CompanyDeliveryPostCode Delivery postcode
CompanyDeliveryPostArea Delivery county
CompanyDeliveryCity Delivery city
CompanyDeliveryState Delivery state
CompanyBankAccountNo Bank account number
CompanyOwner Employee in our company that is contact person for this customer. Use Employee ID that you find in Administration>Employees>Employee settings.
CompanyIndustry Industry – use the Industry ID number which you will find in Administration>Settings>CRM>Industry.
CompanyStatus Use the status name, not Status ID number.
CompanyIdAlternative Alternative Customer number. This field is located in the tab ”Additional Info” on the customer/supplier card.
CompanyInvoiceEmail Faktura e-postadresse som ligger under fanen Innstillinger på kunde/leverandørkortet
CompanyInvoiceMethod Faktureringsmetode. På faktureringsmetode kan man bruke teksten som står under innstillingene eller Id’ene.
Oversikt over Id’er:
0: Bruker standard faktureringsmetode.
1: Skriv ut faktura
2: Send på Email
3: Send som eFaktura
CompanyCustomerLedger Kundereskontronummer.
CompanySupplierLedger Leverandørreskontronummer.
CompanySupplierAccountDebet Kontonummer debet som ligger under Leverandørinnstillinger på Innstillinger-fanen.
CompanySupplierAccountCredit Kontonummer kredit som ligger under Leverandørinnstillinger på Innstillinger-fanen.


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