Import field names for Contacts

All columns that are to be imported must be formatted as text in the xl sheet, otherwise that column/field may not be imported into 24SevenOffice.

ContactFirstName Firstname
ContactLastName Surname
ContactRolePhone Phone work
ContactRoleEmail E-mail work
ContactRoleMobile Mobile number work
ContactRoleFax Fax number work
ContactRolePosition Position (Role) work
ContactDateRegistrered Date contact is registered. Format: day.mth.year(31.01.2015)
ContactDateChanged Date contact is last edited. Format: day.mth.year(01.01.2015)
ContactAdressStreet Address
ContactAdressCity City
ContactAdressPostCode Post code
ContactAdressPostArea County
ContactCountry Country
ContactPhone Phone Private
ContactEmail E-mail Private
ContactMobile Mobile phone Private
ContactFax Fax Private
ContactMobile2 Mobile phone 2 Private
ContactName Firstname Surname (Use this field if you do not want to separate Firstname and surname in separate columns, see above)
ContactIsConsumer Defines if the contact is a end user or not. Set to 1 for end user. If you are importing both end users and regular contacts, set end users to 1 and leave blank for contacts
ContactCustomerId End user customer number (Can be specified. If you leave blank, next available number will be allocated)
ContactNickname Nick name
ContactNote Note
ContactOwner Our representative/customer responsible – use employee ID
ContactRoleCompanyId Customer/Supplier number the contact is to be linked to.

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