Import field names for Pricelist

All columns that are to be imported must be formatted as text in the xl sheet, otherwise that column/field may not be imported into 24SevenOffice.


Price list
PriceListId ID for price list. Required. This module can be found under Administration>Settings>Financials>Product>Price List.
ProductId ProductID, Product code or Product Number is mandatory
ProductNo Product number can be used instead of ProductID.
PriceOut Sales price
ProductName Alternative product name (max 150 characters).
ProductDescShort Alternative short description (max 500 characters).
ProductDescLong Alternative short description (max 500 characters).


Price lists import updates price lists of products. The price lists can be found Administration – Settings – Financials – Product – Pricelists. They will also be on the product cards, Price lists tab. When you create a new order, you can select the price list you want to use in this Sales Order/Invoice.
In step 2/5 in the import routine, you can choose whether to update an existing price list or not. If you choose no here, the import will create a new price list.
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