Import field Names for Repeating Invoice (Subscription Invoicing)

All columns that are to be imported must be formatted as text in the xl sheet, otherwise that column/field may not be imported into 24SevenOffice.


Import Repeating Invoice
Field name/Column heading Note
Fields belonging to order header:
RepeatingOrderId(PÅKREVD) Id of the order. Separating the different repeating invoices and collects order lines that belong to an order
RepeatingCustomerId Customer number in 24SevenOffice
RepeatingPaymentTime Payment date – the number of days from the invoice date to due date
RepeatingRef Our reference EmployeeID in 24SevenOffice
RepeatingCurrencyId CurrencyID –as found in 24SevenOffice
RepeatingTypeOfSale Type of sale – typegroupID as found in 24SevenOffice
RepeatingDepartment DepartmentID as found in 24SevenOffice
RepeatingProject ProjectID as found in 24SevenOffice
RepeatingCustomerRef Customer reference – name of the customer reference
RepeatingInvoiceText Invoice text
RepeatingInvoiceTitle Invoice title
DeliveryName Delivery name
DeliveryAddress Delivery address
DeliveryZipcode Delivery zipcode
DeliveryZiparea Delivery ziparea
DeliveryCity Delivery city
DeliveryState Delivery state
DeliveryCountry Delivery country
DeliveryPhone Delivery phone
DeliveryAlternative Delivery alternative
Fields belonging to orderlines:
RepeatingProductId ProductID in 24SevenOffice
RepeatingProductNo Product number – if not ProductID nor ProductNo is filled in, a new product will be created based on Name and Price
RepeatingQuantity(REQUIRED) The number of this product in this order
RepeatingName(REQUIRED) Product Name
RepeatingDiscount Discount
RepeatingPrice Price for 1 of this product excl. VAT
RepeatingPriceIsSolid Can be 0 or 1 If it is set to 1 the price will not change even if the product price changes in the system
RepeatingDate Next date of the repetitive invoice will be generated. Format: day.mth.year (31.01.2015)
RepeatingFactor How often an order is to be generated combined with the values of RepeatingFrequency.
RepeatingFrequency If this is set to 2 (= year) and RepeatingFactor set to 2, the order will be generated every month. See listing below for the different options
RepeatingCartOrder Order on products in the order if it contains multiple product lines.
RepeatingTypegroupId Type of sales – typegroupid as found in 24SevenOffice


1. Weekly
2. Monthly
3. Quarterly
4. Every six months
5. Yearly
6. Daily

Example: If RepeatingFrequency set to 6 and RepeatingFactor is 20, a recurring invoice will be generated every 20th day.

Defines the type of sales it is (this is the ideas used in 24Seven). If not specified it will be put credit sales, which are taken to account “4000 Revenue, taxable.” Contact support if it is desirable to use
other types of groups.


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