Import field names for updating of existing products

When you choose to import products you get a choice as to whether you want to update existing products. Tick for YES if you are updating existing products. By default this setting is checked for NO.
In addition you will need to specify which field of information you are matching. By default it is set to product number, but you can also choose to match on Suppliers product number i.e. in case the
supplier is providing you with the update(s). Below is an overview of the product information that can be updated. See also the main help files on import for further assistance.



All columns that are to be imported must be formatted as text in the xl sheet, otherwise that column/field may not be imported into 24SevenOffice.

NOTE! Price fields must be imported without letters or currency signs.
These fields can be updated
Field name/Column heading  Note
ProductBatchNo Product Batch number
ProductCashPercent Margin percentage cash price
ProductCategory Product category that this product belong to
ProductCode Suppliers Product code
ProductDescLong Detailed description of product
ProductDescShort Brief description of product
ProductEAN EAN Number (Barcode)
ProductEAN2 EAN Number Barcode (2)
ProductName Product name
ProductCost Indirect purchase cost
ProductPrice Product Sales Price
ProductPrice2 Product Sales Price 2
ProcuctPrice2Percent Margin price 2
ProductPriceCash Cash sales price
ProductPriceCashIncTax Cash price including VAT
ProductPriceIn Purchase price
ProductPriceIncTax Purchase price including VAT
ProductPricePercent Profit margin
ProductPriceWeb Sales price for web shop
ProductPriceWebPercent Profit margin web price
ProductRequireSerialNo Does the product require serial number tracking, 0 for no or 1 for yes.
ProductStockLocation Warehouse location
ProductStockMin Minimum quantity in stock
ProductStockQty Stock quantity
ProductStockReorderQty Order number when reached ”minimum quantity in stock”
ProductWeight Product weight in Kilo
ProductSupplierPrice Suppliers price
ProductSupplierCode Supplier’s product number
ProductSupplierCurrencyId Currency ID for product (You will find ID in Financials>Accounting>Currency)
ProductSupplierWebsite Suppliers web page
ProductWebDeal Special offer for ecommerce
ProductWebDealDateFrom Start date special offer for ecommerce
ProductWebDealDateTo End date Start date special offer for ecommerce
ProductWebDealInStockOnly Only show product in ecommerce if it is in stock
ProductWebExtra Show as add on (ecommerce)
ProductWebExtraDateFrom Startdato for når produktet skal vises som ekstravare (netthandel)
ProductWebExtraDateTo Sluttdato for når produktet skal vises som ekstravare (netthandel)
ProductWebNewArrival Vis som nytt produkt (netthandel)
ProductWebNewArrivalDateFrom Startdato for når produktet skal vises som ekstravare (netthandel)
ProductWebNewArrivalDateTo Sluttdato for når produktet skal vises som ekstravare (netthandel)
ProductWebShow Vis på web shop
ProductWebShowCat Vis kategorien på webshop
ProductWebShowFront Vis på forside
ProductCategory Navn på produktkategori


Følgende felt oppdateres ikke
Importnavn Forklaring
ProductNo Produktnummer
ProductSupplierName Leverandøresn produktnavn
ProductSupplierId Leverandørens varekode
ProductPriceAutoCalc Autokalkulering av utpris1
ProductPrice2AutoCalc Autokalkulering av utpris2
ProductPriceCashAutoCalc Autokalkulering av kontantpris
ProductPriceWebAutoCalc Autokalkulering av Tilbud, web pris
ProductStockInfluence Lagerstyring av produkter
ProductPriceProfitMargin Prosentsats for autokalkulering av dekningsbidrag