Register hours

This is a detailed form for registration of hours. The form appears when you click on Register hours, whether the view is “Week Hours Registration” or you have chosen a different view.

Cost Carriers
Customer: The drop down list gives you access to the 25 last customers that have had hours registered on them. Click on the search icon to the right of the field to search for other customers.
Project: The drop down list gives you access to the projects you have added to your Quick list on the Project home page. Click on the search icon to the right of the field to search for other projects.
Work Type / Tasks: Choose the type of work or task to link the hours to. The different types of work are created in the Administration module>Settings>Time Sheet>Work Types.
Tasks that appear here must have been created in the project. If you can record hours and link them to Types of work or Tasks is determined by the settings you chose when creating the project. The settings can be changed under the tab Properties for the project.

Date and Time
From / to: date and time of registration.
Total / Invoicable: here you can enter the total number of hours and invoicable hours.

Status: Shows the status of the hours registered, if they are approved, rejected or invoiced.
Notes for internal use: here you can add comments for internal use, prints off with the time sheet summary.
Add cost: here you can register costs related to the hours such as mileage, travel etc.

Save: saves the entered values.
Add costs: allow you to record costs.
Save & New: used if you wish to add a separate entry on the same project. For example, if you want to register different hours against the same project on different types of work or time. New is also used when you have finished the hours a day and want to update the form so you can register hours for the next day. If you register different type of hours on a project on the same day, these will appear as separate lines below the current project in the weekly view.