Main page for the Project module

On this page we have collected relevant project information regarding all the projects, so you can review this information without having to go into each project.

The permissions for what information to view, depends on whether you are an administrator and if you have access to the Hours module.

Regardless of your permissions, you will find the My Quick List displaying the projects you have added and the Project Tasks list; showing an overview of tasks and work due on your  current projects.

The Project administrator has access to the following features that regular users do not:
– Administration of project roles
– Opportunity to see all hours for approval via the Projects, Hours for approval

My Quick List
In this list appear all the projects you have been invited to and the ones you have created or added to the list.  You can search for all projects that exist using the Search for projects (you can find this in the menu on the left side). You may also add desired projects to the Quick List by clicking on the arrow to the left of the project name and then Add to Quick List. The idea behind the list is that you should be able to manage and add the projects you want in the list, such as the projects that are current and that you work with most.  To open a project you have added to the list, you must either be invited to it (for rights-managed projects) or it must be open to all (not rights-managed).

Project Task List
The Project Task List displays tasks that are due within 14 days from today’s date.
Assigned tasks must meet the following criteria to appear on the list:
You must be a participant on the task.
The task must be due within 14 days from today’s date.
The task must not be cancelled or completed.


Search for projects
Search for project allows you to search for projects by Name, Project number, and Customer name. You can also use the search form to add or remove current projects in your Quick list.

My project tasks

Shows all tasks overdue or due within the next two weeks.

Overdue projects

Shows all overdue tasks on projects you are participating in and located in the quick list. The list does not take into account whether you are a participant in the task or not.

Project tasks this week
Displays a list of projects you are participating in due this week.

Pending project meetings
Lists of all future meetings on projects you are a member of and which are located in the Quick List.

Project Report
Provides access to available project reports.

Project Billing
Provides access to invoice from multiple projects without having to go into each project.

Projects with hours for approval
Displays a list of the projects where there are hours that must be approved.

Go to Hours
Links to the timesheet module.

Go to hour approval
Links to the authorisation module for hours.