Resource allocation

Resource allocation is a tool for keeping track of the availability of resources in the company. Initially this will apply only to project participants, but in the long term this can also be more general resources (tools, vehicles, etc.). Access to this function is determined by the role you have in the project and whether the role has access to resources.

How does Resources work?
The way this works is that you set up a fixed number of available hours a week for the resources you wish to use in resource allocation (only available if you have access rights to it). Then enter the number of hours used in a week on one or several projects by one resource. Completing this for all resources on all projects will give you a great overview of what resources you can work with, and their availability to work on new projects.

How to set up a resource?
You can reserve resources for a project if they are added as participants in the project. Click on the Resource Management in the top menu and then click Add resource (requires that you have the rights to it).

How to use Resources?
In the resource-screen you will see two rows per project participant, a row with the number of hours available (total minus reserved on other projects), and one with the number of hours reserved on this project. The latter is editable. To reserve a resource, enter the number of hours in the column for the week of the resource you wish to book.

NB! As there are no limitations, if a resource is reserved for more than the available time, it will appear as negative availability.

Show overview
By clicking this button you will display a list of estimated and reserved hours per task, and the total amount reserved and the estimated hours.