Select a view for Hours

Last view selected will be default next time you log into Time registration.

Provides an overview of your past registrations per week. The data in this chart change if you change the selected period. You can hover over the bars in the bar graph for more info on these or double click on the lines under My last registered hours to edit them. My newest registered hours show the 10 most recent entries you have made.

This view shows your registered hours for a day.

Weekly Registration
The interface is virtually the same as Register hours, but the difference is that you can add the standard overview of the projects and register / change the hours directly on days of the index. You can also choose to use the detailed editing if required and hours are listed per project in the list. Registration of costs made via the form for detailed editing. Registration costs can only be done on days where there is registered hours, i.e. such costs cannot be registered by itself in this view.
Add: allows you to add new project in the weekly view, which you can run timer for.
Standard Projects: Lets you add a real project in the weekly list. Projects entered in this way will appear as standard in the weekly list.

Navigation and hotkeys for weekly registration
Enter: open fields for recording values and stores the entered values.
Arrow keys: move between the different fields. If you have opened a field and press the arrow up / down as you will be moved to the next that field that opens automatically so that you can enter values. If you use the arrow up / down arrow to leave the field, this will save the entered values.
TAB: if you have opened a field and press TAB, you will be moved horizontally to the right to the next field and this opens automatically so that you can enter values. If you press TAB to leave the field, this will save the entered values.
Click your mouse: open field for the insertion of values. You have to use TAB, ENTER or the arrow up / down to save the entered values.
DELETE Button: Use this to delete the inserted hours in the various fields. Adding 0 as the value will not delete registered hours.

The value of the different registrations will have different color combinations for the status they have.

Green = approved
Red = rejected (can then be edited in the weekly view)
Grey = hours have been invoiced.
You will not get any message if the hours are Rejected during approval, so you should review the weekly view to pick up any rejected hours.

You can record expenses related to the project. Click add to costs in the upper left corner and it will provide you with a line to add costs. Click on the appropriate column field to enter the project, product, vendor, number, etc. You can use Tab to navigate between the different fields.
You will find Registered costs for current projects under the tab Invoicing where they can be invoiced together with the registered hours (see the help file for the project).

To register an expense
1. Click the Add cot button to the left and a new line gets added to the registration form for costs.
2. Double click on the fields Project, Product and Supplier to enter this information. To search for these data; type the keyword in the field, the search requires as a minimum the first three letters of the word you are searching for.
3. Double click on the field for number of hours to adjust this. Cost and sales price will be obtained from the relevant product card. Double click on these fields to change the information.

Click on the desired project or employee and the hours are displayed to the right. For each entry, one can correct the Work Type, Total number of hours, Invoicable hours, price, and you can add to comment (your comment will appear in the Description column of the form). As you are approving or rejecting the hours they will disappear from the list.

The different registrations will get the following color codes in the weekly view as per the status they have:
Green = approved
Red = rejected