Settings Hours

Allows you to set defaults for your time registration profile.
You have the following choices;
Start time: determines default Start time for your registered hours, can be changed in Advanced Editing mode.
End time: determines default end time your registered hours, can be changed in Advanced Editing mode.
View invoicable hours: determines whether the column for Invoicable hours are to be displayed or not in the view Weekly registration.
Detailed Editing: turn on or off form Register hour standard in the view Weekly Overview. If you click on the days of the week’s list the information for the current day is updated in the form of profile hours, where you again have to change / add the data. If this feature is not enabled, you can edit the recorded hours a week of records directly in the column fields.

Get all the tasks: shows all tasks in the projects you have added to the weekly view. Assumes that the settings for registering of hours for current projects is set to transfer the tasks (see the help files for the project).


Replace the contact
Here you can choose which employee you wish to register/approve hours for. Click Switch user to search for the employee you want to work with.
Double click on the person’s name and you will be able to review the hours for this employee.  Access to feature requires that you have administrator access.


General Settings
Settings for Pricing, Work Types and choice for Invoicing only; authorised hours can be found under the Administration module – Settings and Time Registration.